About Topeka N-Trak

The Topeka N-TRAK Association

The purpose of the Topeka N-TRAK Association is the furtherance and enjoyment of n-scale model railroading through social fellowship, the construction and maintenance of n-scale layouts, N-TRAK specified modules, and for mutual appreciation of individual accomplishments. 
The Association meets on a regular basis at the homes of members or at special locations.  In addition to having fun, the club includes such activities as the collection and exchanging of information on the history of railroading as well as current railroading practices, sharing modeling techniques, and promoting the hobby.  The Association also participates in setting up displays for the public throughout eastern Kansas and in the greater Kansas City area. 
There is an annual membership fee which is used to buy and maintain equipment used to run the layout. 
Please visit with the members and consider joining us!


What Is N-Trak?

N-TRAK itself (Yes that is how it is spelled) isn’t a membership organization as is the Topeka N-TRAK Association.  It is a concept. It is a group of modelers who are trying to promote model railroading.  The movement started in 1973 in California.  The idea was to get n-scale modelers out of their garages and basements and bring dynamic operating layouts to big public shows.
Specifications for N-TRAK modules have been established and are available in manuals. The specifications were designed so that any builder, anywhere in the world could build a module, bring it to a show, and know it would “plug” into the others and operate.
Today there are clubs throughout the United States and in numerous other countries that follow the N-TRAK specifications.  There are manuals available as well as a newsletter.
To read and learn more, you can visit the N-TRAK web site at www.NTRAK.org for a wealth of information on the N-TRAK Modular Railroading Society.
The first prototype N-TRAK modules were designed and built by Ben Davis, then they were first displayed in 1973 at the Model Railroad Industry Association show in Costa Mesa, California.  Following their success at this show, the modules made their debut at the 1974 National Model Railroad Association's national convention in San Diego, California.  Ben was a founding member of the Belmont Shores Model Railroad Club; the club, which has helped launch the model manufacturing careers of many of its members, is now considered by many as the organization where N-TRAK started.


Questions & Answers


Q. I don’t have a lot of time. Do I have to come to every meeting and show?

A. No. We encourage everyone to participate as much as their schedule will permit, but you are not required to attend every event.

Q. I don’t have a lot of money. What if I can’t afford to buy a lot of engines and cars right now?

A. You don’t have to own any N Scale equipment to join. You can get pieces of equipment as your finances allow.  While you are building your inventory you can attend the meetings and join us at the public shows.

Q. It will be some time before I can build a module.  Can I still participate in the public shows?

A. Yes. While we encourage every one to build a module, you do not have to build one right away to participate.  You can contribute by assisting those with modules in setting them up and taking them down at shows.

If you would like to learn more about the Topeka N-Trak Association, or are interested in membership, please contact us by clicking here.